10 Haziran 2008 Salı

Pop veya değil ama melankolik: Vanilla Swingers..

Tesadüfen keşfettim onları. Sonra yılda sadece 2 kere çıkan bayıldığım dergi Amelia's Magazine'in sitesinde gene çıktılar karşıma. 27 Mayıs'da 12 Bar Club'da konser veren Vanilla Swingers ile ilgili yazıyı aynen buraya aktarıyorum:

Something special was in the air, turning off from the hustle of Charing Cross Road into the hallowed musical environs of Denmark Street. At the far end, in a venue where using the term “intimate” to describe the atmosphere would seem an understatement of the highest order, we were about to witness the debut gig of Vanilla Swingers. Comprising a core of vocalist Anne Gilpin and co-vocalist/guitarist Miles Jackson, but tonight with additional musicians, they were showcasing tracks from their forthcoming, self-titled, debut album.
Squeezing on to the tiny 12 Bar Club stage, there was a distinct hint of nervousness, perhaps not helped by an early technical hitch with one of the guitars, but things soon settled down, and Jackson managed to joke that if anyone wanted to only hear three chords, the Dirty Pretty Things were playing down the road in the Astoria!
The album recounts a love affair spanning thirty years, from being found and then lost in 1985, only to be eventually rediscovered in a dystopian 2015, a world informed by the philosopher John Gray’s some-would-say nihilistic tome, Straw Dogs. Musically, the songs employ soft vocal interplay between Gilpin and Jackson (whose delivery reminds me of the Beloved’s Jon Marsh), romanticism couched in knowing lyrics, set against a background of retro synth strings and beats reminiscent of late 80’s Pet Shop Boys, with some guitar that brings to mind Barney Sumner around the time of Low Life and Brotherhood. Never a bad thing in my book!
There is already a bit of a buzz about the band, and given the appreciation of the audience tonight at the end of a captivating set, that is surely to grow.

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